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Don’t overspend for college, become an educated consumer today!

The Road2College Concierge Service gives you access to the experts, community, tools, and resources you need to make smarter college decisions. Featuring expert guidance and advice without the high price tag that industry professionals normally charge.


The admissions process has been turned upside down by the pandemic and is harder than ever before to navigate.


As a parent you might be wondering if your student:

– should still be taking standardized tests

– will be offered merit scholarships

– should consider a Gap Year

– is focusing on the right essay topics

– has found a good college fit

– has selected a school that your family can afford

College Classroom

We Can Help


Our Concierge Service provides live coaching sessions, office hours, personal email support, a private Facebook community, a monthly newsletter, and à la carte services.

The Concierge Service

Sign up for our Concierge Service now and you'll get...

Engaging Coaching Sessions

Once-a-month live video coaching sessions that provide insider advice by seasoned college admissions professionals. Families will learn everything they need to know about college admissions including financial aid, searching for merit scholarships, testing strategies, academics, essays, college-list building, and more (see coaching calendar below).


Free Access To College Insights

Get unlimited use of College Insightsa practical and time-saving online search tool for finding colleges and merit scholarships.


Supportive Community

Membership in our private Facebook group: Road2College Concierge 2022. This highly engaged group includes families in the concierge service who share their joys and frustrations about the admissions process. 


Monthly Office Hours/Well-Timed Guidance & Reminders

Monthly office hours allow members the opportunity to ask questions specific to their needs. Our monthly newsletter is filled with tips, reminders, and critical milestones to keep you on track in the admissions and application process.


Discounts on À la carte Services

Personalized, expert advice at discounted rates. Exclusive offers on essay and college-list reviews, mock interviews, academic guidance, and one-on-one consultations.

Industry Experts

Direct access to Concierge Service experts via email to ask questions (3 monthly).

BONUS: While supplies last, you’ll receive a copy of NYT bestselling author Ron Lieber’s book: The Price You Pay for College.

Taught by Experts, Without the Expert Price

Road2College Concierge Service

Our network of college counselors and financial planners have experience working in high schools with students as well as privately with families. Their backgrounds are in financial aid, application strategy, essay writing, merit scholarships, test prep planning, high school course selection, summer advising, application review, student loan advising and more.



Working with Road2College and The Concierge Service

Feeling thankful for the Concierge Service this morning, especially for all of the information, guidance and support. My son heard back from most of his EA schools and he was accepted into UMass Amherst school of engineering, Clark, Fairfield, Loyola MD and Union all with their highest levels of merit scholarship. The process worked!”

Michelle A.

parent of high school senior

I would say being a member of the Concierge Service felt like someone had our back and walked besides us through the process. Being part of this group made me feel more confident with the whole process. I was able to give pertinent information to my daughter. She was very calm but disappointed her school didn’t assist with the process. The Concierge Service definitely filled a gap for us. The school counselor is available for current academic issues, social problems and helping with extra curricular activities but my daughter’s school just isn’t set up to provide college counseling. The Concierge Service definitely filled that gap for us.

Lynn T.

parent of high school senior

As a member of the Concierge Services, we know that we are receiving valuable step-by-step guidance on a monthly basis. The important lessons we are learning allow us to stay informed and less stressed. This has definitely been a wonderful investment for our family.

Donna Y.

parent of high school senior 

The Concierge service provided me with enough support and feedback that I didn’t feel lost in the process. I joined to get help with my 2nd child’s college search so I wasn’t “new” to the whole thing. The reasonable price of the service and the expertise that was provided was just the right fit for me.

Karen B.

parent of high school senior


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a session?

Each coaching session and office hours are recorded and available for on-demand viewing.

How can I get answers to my personal questions?

Members can receive answers to questions during coaching sessions, office hours, or through personal emails. These opportunities can be used to ask general questions or anything specific to your family’s situation.


Is this service for parents or students?

Students are welcome to attend, however the Concierge Service is geared towards educating parents about college admissions and funding so they can better guide their family through the process. 


What if my family needs more help?

Additional one-on-one sessions are available at discounted rates. Families can also supplement with add-on services such as college list reviews, academic guidance, interview prep, and more.